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California employment attorneys, Hostile Work Environment: How to Hire the Right Employment Discrimination Attorney in Los Angeles

California employment attorneys specialize in helping their clients form cases and recognize when harassment becomes serious—because being in a hostile work environment can take a toll on the quality of your work and even your personal life.

Discriminatory harassment can take many forms, including gossip, spreading lies, or offensive speech. 

What is a Hostile Working Environment?

While all of us have bad or stressful days at work, a hostile working environment is something else entirely. It can derail your ability to do your work or even make you feel like your job is at risk. If you face continuous, severe harassment from a coworker or employer, that constitutes a hostile work environment.

Hostility can include verbal or physical harassment. It must be severe and pervasive, affecting the worker’s daily experience at work. Sexual assault or harassment can be a feature of a hostile workplace. 

Civil litigation attorneys in California can help you take legal action against your hostile workplace and form a case against your employers.

Define Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination based on a protected class, such as age, race, or religion, is another form of workplace hostility. Harassing or singling out employees based on these traits is a form of discrimination. 

In practice, discrimination can look like some of the factors below:

  • Reducing someone’s hours unexpectedly
  • Wrongful termination
  • Verbal or physical harassment
  • Penalizing someone for a disability

How to Hire the Right California Employment Attorneys

Hiring an employment attorney is an important step in the right direction. As you search, it’s important to look for certain qualities in your attorney. 

Finding a reliable and skilled attorney will help you get the best outcome possible and get the compensation you deserve for your experience.


What level of expertise does the attorney possess? There are numerous ways to figure this out. Ask them how long they have been in business before looking at their past performances to determine their winning percentage.

Additionally, you ought to see if they have any trial experience. Even though the majority of workplace disputes are resolved outside of court, getting ready is a good idea in case yours occurs.


Communication techniques vary among employment attorneys. Others favor phone calls and emails, while some favor in-person encounters.

The frequency with which they communicate with you about the case will also change. Therefore, it’s crucial to locate a lawyer whose communication style meshes with yours.

Client Representation

Usually, does the attorney represent either employers or employees? Although some employment lawyers can defend clients on either side, for efficiency’s sake, most stick to one.

Therefore, being clear about this upfront is essential to making sure you select a lawyer that predominantly represents your viewpoint.


Before committing to a lawyer, you may want to ask about their references. It helps to know that other people have worked with a lawyer or law firm, and what their results were like. For example, a reference might describe someone’s style as no-nonsense and focused.

References can let you know what to expect and assure you that your lawyer is skilled and trustworthy. It can also help you weed out someone you might clash with. 

Legal Fees

For those who haven’t worked with a lawyer before, legal fees can be confusing. They come in many different forms. Some lawyers charge a contingency fee, which means they take a percentage of your settlement but don’t charge legal fees until then.

Others charge an hourly fee or a retainer. Make sure to clarify with your legal representative before you settle on one!

Why Should You Hire an Employment Discrimination Attorney in Los Angeles?

If you have experienced harassment in the workplace, you know just how much it can affect you, both professionally and on a personal level. Hiring an employment discrimination attorney ensures that you have someone on your side to argue on your behalf. 

Every employee has the right to a discrimination-free workplace, and an attorney can help you protect that right or form a lawsuit against an employer that enables discrimination.

You don’t have to accept harassment at work. Contacting legal professionals will help you form a case against your employer and potentially get a settlement.

Choose California Employment Attorneys You Can Trust


LibertyBell Law Group can help you handle employment cases of all kinds. If you have faced serious workplace harassment, our legal experts will do everything they can to help you get fair compensation. 

We research cases rigorously, create strong legal arguments, and negotiate for the best settlement possible. To get help from skilled civil litigation attorneys in California, contact us at 866-320-4854 at LibertyBell Law Group today!

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