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Hire the best litigation lawyers at LibertyBell Law Group P.C., Civil Division because we are dedicated to providing quality care and the best service with a personal touch. While providing vigorous representation in all appropriate legal venues, our civil litigation lawyers never forget who we are working for – YOU. We will treat you with kindness and care. In taking your case, our litigation lawyers will explain the legal issues and your options in detail. WE ARE HERE 24 HOURS A DAY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Se Habla Español.

Practice Areas

Business Litigation

Need a business litigation lawyer? Each business has it's own unique needs and consideration when dealing with business litigation.

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Employment Law

Harassment in the workplace can take many forms. We are dedicated to fighting for those who have been wronged in the workplace.

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Estate Planning

While it may be the last thing you want to think about, estate planning is an important step you can take to protect the interests of your family.

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Family Law

Are you facing a divorce? Legal separation is an alternative to getting a divorce, or the first step toward a divorce. We are here to help you.

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Landlord Tenants

Landlords/ tenants disputes? We represents both landlords and tenants alike with leases, escrows, evictions, and lawsuits for damages.

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Personal Injury Law

Need a personal injury lawyer? We handle all aspects of personal injury law, from slip and fall, auto accident to wrongful death cases.

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I recently hired Liberty Bell Law Firm to assist in a civil matter involving our ex business partner. Irena Shut and Nancy made this process seamless. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is involved in a complicated civil matter. They were able to save us a lot of money without having to go through the expense of a costly litigation.

T.B, from Valley Village, CA

I hired LibertyBell Law Group for a civil case and I coudn't be happier. Annick handled my case and won. After the case was over I was still having trouble collecting from the Defendant and she guided me on the next steps to enforce my Judgment. I will definitely use this law firm again. Highly recommend. Thank you Gina T and your staff.

V.S, from Los Angeles, CA

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Best Litigation Lawyers in California

If you are searching for the best civil litigation lawyers with top business litigation experience in Burbank, Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California, we are here to help. LibertyBell Law Group P.C., Civil Division’s litigation attorneys are available 24/7 to answer your questions regarding litigation services. Our Southern California office is located in Burbank.

A legal problem can turn your life or business upside down. Enduring legal issues can cause stress and financial trauma to a business and be traumatizing and confusing to an individual as to what is really happening. We keep you informed of important developments throughout the process. Our best litigation lawyers communicate thoroughly with you about realistic expectations and probable outcomes. When you call or e-mail with questions or concerns, we will respond as quickly as possible. Our attorneys are always available to clients every hour of every day.

Call the best civil litigation attorneys in California now at 855-200-ATTY (855-200-2889). You can also email us using the contact form. Our experienced civil litigation lawyers will speak to you right away and handle your legal issues promptly. WE ARE HERE 24 HOURS A DAY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Se Habla Español.