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California employment attorneys, The Basics of Duties and Rights of Workers Explained: What are the 3 Basic Employment Rights for a Worker?

California employment attorneys can help you protect your rights and form a case against employers who have neglected their duties.

All employees have basic rights that are protected by law and essential for good working conditions. All workers have a right to be paid fairly, work in a safe environment, and work free from discrimination. 

3 Basic Employment Rights for Workers

Workers have three basic employment rights to protect them from exploitation. This includes the right to fair wages, a safe workplace, and freedom from discrimination. 

If you’re concerned that your rights have been violated, civil litigation attorneys in California can discuss your situation and potentially represent you in court.

The Right to Be Paid Fair Wages

Every state has wage regulations that local employers must follow. All non-exempt employees must be paid at least minimum wage. Workers are also entitled to overtime pay, which means more than eight hours of work in one day or more than 40 hours a week. 

Some employers may not follow local laws and avoid paying overtime or pay less than minimum wage. For example, your employer might pay your overtime hours as normal pay, instead of as time and a half.

The Right to Safe Workspace

The right to a safe workplace is an essential part of employee rights. It ensures that employees are less likely to be injured or even killed on the job.

Workspaces must be kept in good condition, and free of hazardous conditions like slippery floors and other unsafe conditions. Workers must be given adequate safety equipment, such as hard hats, guardrails, and more. Employers must also maintain work equipment so it functions smoothly.

For example, if your workplace doesn’t provide railings along staircases, they could be found in violation of labor laws. Victims of unsafe workspaces can work with attorneys to get settlements from negligent employers.

The Right to a Working Environment Free of Discrimination and Harassment

Employees have the right to work in an environment that is fair and free of discrimination. A professional, cordial working environment allows workers to be productive.

California has strong workplace discrimination laws that protect employees from discrimination on the basis of:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Pregnancy
  • Disability

There are also laws against harassment in the workplace, including sexual harassment. 

If an employer limits your hours against your wishes, ignores you for promotions, or otherwise limits work opportunities because of a pregnancy, for example, that is considered discrimination. 

Employers who ignore or create those conditions could be faced with lawsuits from employees who have faced discrimination or harassment.

Main Responsibilities of Employees

Just as employers have responsibilities, employees also have a role to play to keep their company running smoothly.

Employees must first and foremost complete the work in their job descriptions. That means handling their job reliably, with the care and attention needed.

They must also follow work protocols, as long as those protocols meet legal safety standards. That includes things like wearing a uniform, following rules, and logging work hours according to company standards.

Working hard and being reliable are also essential. Essentially, employees must hold up their end of the bargain to ensure the company’s success.

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