Hire a business law attorneys California when running a business because it can be quite perplexing as the California civil code and laws for business are enormous, not to mention their federal counterparts. As a business owner, partner, entrepreneur, or manager you should never undermine the legal issues encircling your California business. You need a business lawyers with an expert understanding of the rules that regulate business, employees, contracts, litigation and transactions.

Business law attorneys areas of expertise:

  • Business Litigation
  • Business Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Starting and Running a Business
  • Business Operations and More

If you own a small business, our lawyers know that an excessively priced lawsuit can very well put you out of business, not just in terms of cost but also because of the negative publicity. Do not risk going to trial without a highly skilled and experienced civil litigation attorney who will protect your interests and reputation. Receiving the best counsel from a LibertyBell Law Group P.C civil attorneys for your business is priceless and should not be dilly-dallied on.

What is a Business Lawyer?

There are two major categories of legal practice: litigation and corporate law. Corporation law is also known as transaction law. Young attorneys will choose one of these paths early in their careers. Litigators are attorneys who practice the type of law typically depicted on television. In contrast, corporate or transactional attorneys are less involved in litigation. They are instead engaged in the establishment of new businesses. What does this consist of?

The primary objective of corporate attorneys is to assist their clients in avoiding litigation. They may choose to specialize in corporate and tax law, intellectual property, or employee benefits. A transactional attorney is responsible for ensuring that all parties comprehend their functions and rights, thereby reducing the likelihood of litigation. In some instances, a corporate attorney may collaborate with transactional attorneys who specialize in particular subfields of business law.

Business litigation attorneys spend the majority of their time in courtrooms, resolving disputes between parties or negotiating settlements. A corporate attorney’s role is to structure business transactions and ventures to minimize risk. In other words, the role of the transactional attorney is to counsel businesses, not to sue them.

What are the primary ways a corporate attorney assists businesses?

Establishment and Management of a Corporation

A corporation is a legal entity whose formation and organization are governed by the laws of the state of incorporation. A corporation is regarded as a “person” under the law. This means that it is possible to sue or be sued by a corporation. Shareholders are exempt from certain repercussions or consequences, such as corporate debts. Due to its legal status as a “person,” even if one of a corporation’s officials dies or becomes incapacitated, the corporation’s structure will not change.

Corporate attorneys aid in the formation of a company. The corporate attorney will draft articles of incorporation that describe the company’s establishment and internal management structure. In addition, a transactional attorney will provide counsel to businesses organized as limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, partnerships, and business trusts. Each of these entity types has unique legal rights and responsibilities, tax burdens, and organizational structure, which must be understood by the attorney who represents them. The attorney will assist company officials in determining the appropriate business structure and in establishing relationships between entities. Corporate attorneys are frequently called upon to assist startups. They could provide guidance on leasing office space, drafting employment contracts, and preparing other official documents.

Merging and Purchasing

Additionally, corporate attorneys assist businesses with mergers and acquisitions. A merger is when two companies combine, whereas an acquisition is when one company purchases another. A business can acquire additional property and/or facilities using these methods. It is the responsibility of the corporate attorney to review these transactions. He must be familiar with the financial statements, litigation, and current holdings of the company. By having a thorough understanding of the business, the attorney can advise corporate officials on potential liabilities and the best way to proceed with a merger or acquisition. It is the responsibility of the corporate attorney to draft the merger or acquisition agreement and specify each party’s rights, responsibilities, and liabilities.

Establishing and Expanding Businesses

A venture capital attorney is responsible for assisting startups in securing funding. In addition to locating funding, attorneys in venture capital practices will aid in the expansion of these new businesses. Their services may include drafting articles of incorporation, negotiating mergers and acquisitions, and issuing licenses. In general, this type of law is less adversarial than that which focuses solely on corporate mergers and acquisitions. In other words, venture capital is a less hostile area of law due to its focus on financing.

Individual Project Funding

Another type of corporate attorney is the project finance lawyer. These attorneys will specialize in particular large-scale endeavors. These projects could include the construction of a power plant, pipeline, refinery, or transportation system, among others. The project finance attorney involved in one of these projects will first form a corporation or partnership. This entity will exist only during the project’s duration. The attorney will then be responsible for drafting and negotiating contracts and financial agreements.

Securities Regulation

Another area in which a corporate attorney may specialize is securities law. Companies that sell securities to the public must register with the federal government under the Securities Act of 1933. This means that the company must file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and provide shareholders with access to the reports’ contents. Attorneys specializing in securities law are responsible for the preparation of these reports and any special disclosures. When something, such as a lawsuit or poor financial performance, has the potential to affect the stock price, a corporate attorney will be well-versed in creating and distributing the necessary reports.

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