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civil litigation attorneys in California, When to Hire a Defense Attorney for a Civil Suit

Although the American legal system is often associated with crime and punishment, its historical function is settling disputes and supporting the interests of individuals. And this is made possible by civil litigation attorneys in California and across all the states in the country.

Today, there are over 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, with over 600,000 of them practicing civil law, according to the American Bar Association (ABA). People rely on the court system to settle civil disputes through what is known as litigation, and the number of civil trial cases outpaces criminal law cases every year.  

Any time a defendant comes before a court, they carry the risk of a judgment being found against them. But when should you hire a defense attorney? And how does that affect the different types of civil suits?

Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

When to Hire Civil Litigation Attorneys in California?

What are the potential consequences of not hiring a defense attorney in a civil suit? Unfortunately, there are a ton.

For example, losing a civil suit may cost a large amount of money without the right assistance by your side. One successful settlement claim on behalf of a plaintiff can cost a defendant a lot of money. Attempting to navigate this without a trained expert could be devastating to your finances.

Additionally, the number of civil lawsuits is rising within the United States. In 2020, there were more than 461,478 civil filings in US district courts, according to a report from the US Courts. If you are a business or public entity, retaining a defense attorney in advance may be in your best interests.

Moreover, the legal system in the United States is complex. California state laws can add to this complexity and make the path to a successful outcome difficult without consultation. Representation from a lawyer with knowledge and experience in court gives clients ways to obtain a fair hearing and state facts from their side of the story. 

To summarize, the best time to hire a defense attorney for a civil suit is right away. 

Types of Civil Suits

There is more than one kind of civil dispute. In fact, there are several different reasons a person may bring a civil suit. Each comes with its own set of opportune timing for when to hire the right defense lawyer.

A few of the most common types and timelines of civil suits include:

Automobile Accidents

There are tens of thousands of automobile accidents per year in America, and any one of them can result in a complaint.

Even lesser injury scenarios can result in expensive claims, which is why the decision to hire a defense attorney should be made as soon as possible. This allows defendants to properly prepare for a lawsuit in advance. 

Contract Suits

Contract suits refer to disputes regarding contracts made between two parties, either verbal or writtenwhen one or both parties either refuse or fail to honor their part of the contract. These disputes arise when the wording of a contract is vague or ambiguous, and a question exists regarding which party is correct.

A skilled, qualified attorney can help their clients win a case, which is especially important when the client has an expensive lawsuit against them. 


Torts are also known as injury claims. The nature of the injury can be physical or may also relate to other forms of harm.  If someone is injured, the residential or business property on which the injury occurred becomes liable. A tort can also be filed if someone is slandered and suffers subsequent damage to their image or finances.

For this reason, you will want to connect with a defense attorney for a civil suit right away. Attorneys that specialize in civil defense can provide you with options you may not have had otherwise.

Property Damage or Disruption

Any damage to any property can initiate a civil lawsuit. This is a very broad area of law, open to interpretation, that requires an immediate legal response. Hiring a defense attorney within the first few days of notification will allow clients a chance to understand the rules of court and any allegationsand prepare for a day in court.

Rental Estates

These types of claims are most common among tenants and landlords. These cases can arise from failure to return deposits, landlords seeking to collect damages above deposit amounts, and even forceful evictions.

In the case of damages claims, you should hire a defense attorney to help with cross-examining witnesses and presenting evidence to the court. Expertise factors greatly for issues or offenses brought in front of a jury.

Equitable Claims

Equitable claims are unique in that they rarely seek monetary damages. Most claims are designed to stop something from happening or to initiate a change regarding a specific subject.

They can be filed to halt new construction in contested situations, prevent the destruction of things like historic properties, and stop properties or businesses from merging together. If the court finds it against the defendant, it can issue an injunction.

You will want to hire a defense attorney immediately upon receiving an equitable claim. This is important because of the unique nature of these proceedings, as the procedures and requirements may vary drastically.

Hire Trusted Civil Litigation Attorneys in California and Get a Proper Resolution

Civil lawsuits can be expensive. They can cost considerable sums of money to litigate and also carry substantial penalties for defendants who lose. Skilled, capable representation by seasoned defense attorneys can help defendants chart the most effective course through lawsuitsand ensure the most favorable outcomes for the clients involved.

Civil lawsuits are on the rise, and qualified legal counsel is essential for any business or individual possibly facing civil litigation. If you’re looking for skillful representation in a civil suit, our civil litigation attorneys in California may be a good fit.

Our experts are hand-selected from high-quality applicants with deep experience in Californian law and have the knowledge, experience, and attention to detail necessary to provide advice and information about your situation.

You can learn more about our services and request a free case evaluation by completing our online form, or contact us at 866-320-4854 at LibertyBell Law Group today!

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