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civil litigation attorneys in California, What are the Roles and Duties of a Defense Attorney in California?

The legal system is both robust and multifaceted. However, it can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the process, especially for criminal cases and complex proceedings. This is where civil litigation attorneys in California come into the picture.

Thankfully, criminal defense counsel can help you make your way through the legal system. You will never have to fear that something was missed, skipped, or done incorrectly.

California’s justice system ensures every person has legal rights, which entitles them to qualified legal counsel when criminal charges have been filed. Defense lawyers ensure that accused individuals can enter judicial proceedings assured that they will be well represented. 

Civil Litigation Attorneys in California for a Just Legal Representation

Legal representation is one of our greatest constitutional rights, and a competent one is critical. Civil litigation attorneys in California ensure that you have a substantial likelihood of having your voice heard in any legal proceeding, and their professional obligations to you as a client guarantee it.

A criminal defense lawyer is your best resource during a criminal conduct court case. Their professional judgment and ethical obligations ensure you experience a fair trial. Additionally, any potential sentencing involved will be applied on a just and reasonable basis.

Pretrial investigations and sound discretion will allow your criminal defense counsel to utilize training and education to come to your best defense.

Let’s explore the rules and duties of a criminal defense attorney in California.

The Roles of a Criminal Defense Attorney

Legal counsel represents defendants that have criminal charges against them at the local, state, or federal level. Cases can be smaller and well-defined, or they can be quite complex. Potential sentences can vary dramatically, and much can be at stake. 

Criminal defense counsel seeks to provide you with optimum outcomes in court or maximum protection during sentencing.

A criminal defense lawyer has both a scope of practice and various roles during judicial proceedings. The scope of practice for a criminal defense attorney includes:

Bail Bond Hearings

Establishing the terms of the bond. This can mean the difference between staying in jail or waiting at home and may also reduce your bond amounts.

Plea Bargaining

Making a reasonable effort to mitigate legal sentencing in favor of defendants. Often used as a proactive way to avoid lengthy criminal proceedings and harsher sentences.


Direct representation during a criminal prosecution includes jury selection, cross-examination of prosecution witnesses, presentation of defense witnesses, and sifting through provided evidence in defense of clients. 

Revocation Hearings

Representation before a judge to protect probation or parole. Loss of probation or parole can result in either imprisonment or a return to prison.


Representation during a challenge to a previous legal determination. Criminal appeals allow a second chance approach to securing victory for defendants.

Post-Conviction Relief

Representation to reduce sentences or overturn convictions that have persisted following the criminal appeals process.

The Duties of a Criminal Defense Attorney

Assessing the Case

Using professional judgment to decipher the exact nature of the case. This is critical to gaining an understanding of the criminal liability the defendant faces because criminal trial proceedings can be quite complex.

This allows defendants to make informed choices about how to proceed.


Researching the Case

Criminal defense counsel analyzes the relevant rules, laws, criminal charges, and circumstances to gain an understanding of relevant case history. This early stage is invaluable in establishing an understanding of the defendant’s circumstances and will inform all parties of their best course of action.

Educating Clients

Discussing procedural rights and potential defense function of the criminal defense counsel. This also includes preparing effective representation based on client feedback.

The best defense attorneys help defendants take an active role in their defense and guarantee that their voice matters as the process unfolds.

Constructing the Defense

Formulating the best defense approaches to resolve the case in favor of the client in a criminal proceeding. Defense attorneys guide the direction of the prosecution and use reasonable effort to establish counterarguments.

This allows the criminal defense counsel and the client to proactively plan a vigorous defense that will give the client the best opportunity for optimal outcomes.

Seeking to Dismiss

Effective representation includes drafting, filing, and then arguing motions for dismissal or motions to suppress.

Defense lawyers also provide early representation during a criminal proceeding to potentially avoid trial. This provides the client with an early effort to remedy the situation without having to resort to trial.

Trying the Case

Providing effective representation during the actual criminal proceeding includes the presentation of witnesses and evidence in support of the client, as well as cross-examination of prosecution witnesses and examination of prosecution evidence. This play-by-play defense is where your criminal defense counsel can really shine.

A good criminal defense counsel can sift through the evidence and witnesses to bring the truth to light and exclude anything and everything that does not hold up under legal scrutiny.

Drafting Appeals

If trial outcomes are unfavorable and a claim of actual innocence persists, the criminal lawyer works with the client to formulate a second chance effort to obtain favorable findings.

This can often depend on new information or witnesses or the discovery of new evidence in the short term after the trial. Appeals are generally initiated soon after a court case has concluded.

Seeking Relief

Somewhat similar to the appeals process, relief covers a longer span of time between criminal findings and the appeals process. It does not replace the appeal but instead serves as an opportunity to obtain favorable findings in the wake of unsuccessful appeals.

Hire the Best Civil Litigation and Business Law Attorneys in California

Court cases can be complex and daunting, but securing business law attorneys in California allows defendants to ensure the best, most efficient approach to securing optimal outcomes for themselves.

Private attorneys work hard to ensure that their clients are well-represented and that the legal system maintains a high standard of professional conduct.

It is the right of every person accused of criminal conduct to have a fair trial, and it is the legal obligation of the court system to provide that. Competent representation ensures that everything about the legal system is operating as it should and that defendants can enter the legal system process with a firm footing in fairness and justice.

To work with experienced civil litigation and business law attorneys who have your best interests in mind, set up a consultation with our team. Contact us at 866-320-4854 at LibertyBell Law Group today!

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