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what makes the best civil attorney, What Makes the Best Civil Attorney in California? Protect Yourself from Threats of Violence

Abuse can dramatically affect your quality of life. Professional legal guidance makes it easier to take action and find legal ways to end the  abuse. A personal injury lawyer California can help you address abuse or harassment issues.

If you have been a victim of abuse, the first thing you must do is take legal action. Finding a skilled attorney can help you protect yourself from threats and other abuse. 

Types of Abuse Covered by Civil Law

There are three main types of abuse and harassment that fall under the category of civil law. These categories include abuse, threats of abuse, stalking, sexual assault, and extensive harassment.

They are classified by your relationship with the person who is performing the abuse or harassment. 

  • Domestic violence – Domestic violence is violence that occurs in the home, between intimate partners, or with family members.
  • Elder or dependent adult abuse – Elder or dependent adult abuse affects seniors who need care or younger adults who are unable to care for themselves due to disability. 
  • Workplace violence – Workplace violence is any type of harassment that occurs primarily at work. 

A civil attorney can help you protect yourself from any of these situations. A restraining order is a common solution, and it lays the groundwork for future legal proceedings if the person harassing you does not abide by the restraining order. An attorney can also help you defend yourself in court after a violation of a restraining order.

Traits to Look for in Your Civil Attorney

Finding the right attorney is an essential part of your legal journey. Connecting with a competent, experienced lawyer will make the legal process much easier. Your attorney can help you navigate complex laws and legal situations.

These traits are signs of an effective attorney who will help you get the best outcome for your legal issues. 

1. Communicative

Attorneys need good communication skills to connect clearly with both their clients and the legal opposition. Clear communication will help you stay informed as your case progresses and new developments arise.

If you can rely on your attorney to answer your questions, you’re going to have a much less stressful time throughout your business dispute. Some attorneys offer online chat support to help you get answers even outside of business hours.

Clear lines of communication can reduce the stress of being involved in a legal dispute. Trustworthy attorneys will give you news in a timely manner and provide the legal context.

2. Trustworthy

When you work closely with an attorney, you need to trust them to work hard on your case and protect your personal information. Pricing is a common dispute in attorney-client relationships. Make sure your attorney is transparent about the pricing system and any payment plan options. 

Your lawyer should be honest with you right from the start. If your attorney makes outlandish promises and guarantees, that’s often a red flag. No one can control the court entirely or promise specific settlements. The results come down to skill, experience, and the judge.

An honest attorney will answer your questions thoroughly and make you feel comfortable from your first consultation meeting to your final meeting together. The best attorneys build strong relationships with their clients. 

3. Skilled in Negotiation

Negotiation is essential for any legal expert. Your attorney should have the skill to change people’s minds and make them consider other points of view. 

Negotiation doesn’t just mean aggressiveness. It can also include an open, cooperative approach to changing minds. A skilled negotiator listens carefully and responds thoughtfully. 

This ability can win over a judge and jury. Many civil cases never see the court and are in fact settled outside of court. In that kind of situation, negotiation is an incredible asset. Your attorney can propose an alternative that suits your interests. 

4. Experienced

Years of experience can shape an attorney’s perspective on law and help them develop an effective approach. After years in a particular field, lawyers can develop a specific approach to a certain type of case. They’ve seen what works in the courtroom and what doesn’t, and can adjust their approach accordingly. 

Experience in a particular area of law can also give one attorney an edge over another. Lawyers often develop specialties and a style that is particularly suited to one type of law, such as family law or personal injury. Feel free to ask about your lawyer’s case history during your consultation! 

5. Clear Pricing

Pricing disputes are one of the most common issues that arise between lawyers and their clients. Lawyer pricing systems can be confusing, and there’s nothing worse than being hit with extra unexpected fees. 

Top-notch lawyers are clear with their clients to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid miscommunications. Some charge by the hour, while others offer contingency payment. That means they defer payment until you receive your settlement.

This way, you won’t be responsible for payment unless you win the case. This type of arrangement also drives the lawyer to settle for the highest amount possible, to get a larger sum. Retainer fees are also a possibility, which is a basic service fee that allows you to establish a working relationship with a lawyer.

Every lawyer is different. Understanding the pricing commitment is crucial, so ask plenty of questions!

Hire the Best Civil Attorneys in California Through LibertyBell Law

LibertyBell Law Group P.C. has skilled attorneys available to handle your cases. We strive for excellence in all of our work, and we pride ourselves on great communication and other skills that set us apart. We can help protect you from threats of violence and other harassment issues.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers! We’ll suggest a plan of action for your case, and you can see if we are a good fit for your needs.

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