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, Top 7 Reasons to Hire a Civil Litigation Attorney Near Me

Dealing with a civil legal case can be intimidating. If you feel unprepared to deal with the law on your own, consider looking into civil litigation attorneys in California. A skilled attorney can walk you through the legal process and help you find viable solutions to your concerns. 

If you’re on the fence about hiring an attorney, it may help to learn more about what they do and how they can protect you as their client. Here’s what civil litigation attorneys do and why you should hire one.

What Can a Civil Litigation Attorney Do For You?

Anyone with a civil legal dispute on the horizon could benefit from an attorney’s help. Lawyers can provide guidance even outside of court cases. They have years of experience working on civil cases, and they know the right approach to take should a legal issue arise.

Civil law includes any case that falls outside of criminal law. That includes family law, real estate law, business disputes, personal injury, and more. Some attorneys specialize in just one area of civil law, while others have experience across many legal fields.

A civil defense attorney will ensure you don’t make any major legal missteps, from filing paperwork incorrectly to oversharing in court. Your attorney will help you make it through your legal dispute as seamlessly as possible.

Benefits of Hiring a Civil Litigation Attorney

Aside from protecting you from legal issues, an experienced litigation lawyer can also protect you from financial troubles. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a professional to guide your lawsuit.

1. Increase The Chances of Winning Your Case

An attorney with years of experience understands how judges think and what they want to see. They can construct a compelling case from the evidence you provide that will convince judges to see your side. They can also help you settle outside of court.

When settling out of court, an attorney’s guidance is even more essential. They’ll negotiate on your behalf and make sure you get the payment you deserve.

Some attorneys offer contingency payment, which means that they defer payment until after you receive your settlement. That means they accept a set percentage of your settlement instead of charging an hourly or flat fee. This encourages them to fight for the highest settlement possible so that you both get a big payday!

2. Protect Your Financial Interests

In a civil law case, there’s generally a significant amount of money at stake. A qualified lawyer can provide essential information on how to protect your financial interests. In some cases, that may involve pursuing a case. Other times, it will require you to set a case aside because it isn’t worth the cost.

An attorney can also protect you if you are the defendant of a civil case. They can argue against a settlement and decrease the amount you have to pay, if anything.  Arguing in court requires legal expertise that few laypeople can achieve. Hiring a lawyer is a wise investment if your finances are at risk!

3. Prepare for Involvement in a Lawsuit

If you expect to either file a lawsuit or be hit with one, you need an attorney to help you prepare. Suing someone or being sued both take up a lot of time and energy. A good lawyer will guide you through the process and keep you updated as things develop.

Your lawyer will gather evidence, review the details of the case, and put together a compelling argument on your behalf. 

4. Learn What Your Case Is Worth

If you have no legal experience, chances are you won’t be able to determine how much money your case is worth. That puts you at an immediate disadvantage because you’ll be up against attorneys for the opposition who have a clear understanding of how much, if anything, your settlement could be.

When you’re attempting to calculate the damages you’ve experienced, you may inadvertently sell yourself short. Your settlement should include both economic damages and non-economic damages such as emotional suffering.

A civil attorney can calculate an adequate settlement to help you avoid undervaluing or overvaluing your case.

5. Assess Your Case

As a layperson, it’s difficult to determine how much of a case you have. With civil lawsuits, the end goal is a financial settlement, not sentencing. 

If you have been wronged by someone in business, property law, or even family law, an attorney can help you receive the damages payment you deserve. A crucial part of this is determining if you have a viable case.

Dropping a potential case is sometimes the right move. If your case isn’t likely to result in a settlement, a lawyer can tell you so before you get too financially and emotionally invested in it. 

6. Avoid Self-Incrimination

Civil cases are distinct from criminal cases because they aren’t about determining punishment and instead focus on settlement payments. However, speaking too openly could cause you to share information that undermines your position.

A lawyer can speak on your behalf according to the pre-established arguments and lines of thinking that they created for your case. When you speak on your own, you could get overwhelmed by emotion and lose track of your goals. Speaking publicly is tough, and it’s easy to lose focus. You can count on your lawyer to guide you in this practice.

7. Get Answers to Complex Legal Concerns

While research can help you learn the basics of the law, it can only get you so far without extensive legal training. An attorney can answer more detailed, specific questions about your unique situation. 

Hire Civil Defense Attorney/Hire Civil Defense Lawyer From LibertyBell Law Group

Family law, property law, and other areas can all get quite complex and depend upon many different factors. If you have serious concerns about a potential legal issue, you can hire a civil attorney to get a professional perspective and see how to proceed. In some cases, a case is the best option, while in other cases, you may be able to settle via negotiation out of court.


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