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, Find The Perfect Lawyer to Handle Your Business Litigation Case

Whether you run a large corporation or a small, mom-and-pop establishment, the California civil code and laws regarding business operations are substantial. Handle your business gif. Mix that with stringent federal codes and regulations, and you have a mess waiting to happen.

Business Litigation Case

Finding the perfect civil attorney in Los Angeles is the best way to protect your business. A professional business attorney will have an understanding of business regulations, contracts, employee situations, litigation, transactions, and more. Most importantly, hiring an attorney can save you from problems before they happen.

What Do Business Attorneys Do?

Before hiring an attorney to help your business, you should understand more about what law firms actually do. Business lawyers aren’t too dissimilar to other kinds of attorneys, but they have specialized backgrounds and experiences that help them protect your company. You want to look for a lawyer who has the appropriate specialization or background to fit your needs. You can also go with a law firm that covers a multitude of areas.

While not all areas of law could end up requiring a litigator, it is crucial that you know what your business needs and what kinds of lawsuits could come your way. Here are some of the most common areas of business law that you may encounter:


While contracts aren’t always complicated, they can be tricky. You may have a standard contract with customers, clients, and suppliers. You may also have to sign contracts from vendors and suppliers. A good lawyer will make sure both parties are treated fairly, resulting in fewer breaches of contract and lawsuits down the road. Having an excellent business contract attorney in Los Angeles can ensure your business is operating at its best.

Real Estate

Leasing offices or retail stores involves highly complex contracts. You might believe that the agreement cannot be changed or negotiated, but that is hardly the case. Your attorney may have a tenant’s addendum that contains provisions that benefit you. If nothing else, making sure that you’re in the right space for your business can save a great deal of time and money later on.

Intellectual Property

Many companies need to register patents or protect their intellectual property. These protections are especially true for businesses that work in media, design, or other creative industries. While not every case dealing with intellectual property makes it to court, there is a chance that you’ll need someone with courtroom experience to protect your company’s IP.

Human Resources

If your company has more than one employee, you need to consider human resources. When hiring employees, your company needs to comply with state and federal laws. You may also benefit from having a lawyer help with employment agreements.

How to Find a Good Litigation Attorney

There are tons of lawyers out there advertising their services, so how do you know when you’ve found a good fit? Here are some ways to make sure you find the best lawyer for your business.

Check Referrals

Getting a recommendation from a friend or family member is a great place to start in a search for an attorney. If they have a lawyer that they are happy with, it could be worth investigating. You can also check community groups, online forums, or social clubs. A good tip is to get a referral from someone who has similar legal needs to your own. You might start with your business partners, vendors, or other connections in your network.

While you are checking for referrals, make sure to look at reviews. Whether you talk to past or current clients or you read comments on a review site, make sure to see what people are saying. Keep in mind that people tend to post more negative comments than they do positive ones. It is worth looking for any patterns or repeated themes to ensure you are finding a good fit for your company’s needs.

Examine Their Experience 

Be prepared to ask questions to get a grasp on the lawyer’s experience. It’s possible that even the most experienced business attorney won’t be an expert in every area. Learn about their network and who they rely on to assist with their cases. Throw them a couple of scenarios and ask how they’ve worked with those issues in the past. Take notes and pay attention to how they respond to your questions.

Some lawyers are excellent with forms, documents, and contracts, but might not be as thrilled about actually going to court. Make sure you ask your potential lawyer about his or her experience with trials as well as settling outside of court.

How Do I Know If My Current Lawyer Is A Good Fit?

Even after you start working with an attorney, you might question if he is the right fit for your needs. You should continually evaluate that your needs are being met, whether your meeting for the first time or you’ve been with that lawyer for years. Here are some things you should consider when evaluating your legal options.

  • Does my lawyer communicate well? Clear communication is a crucial part of any business relationship but is especially essential when the law is concerned. 
  • Does your lawyer respond promptly? Does he or she listen to your concerns and respond appropriately? Make sure that your business attorney doesn’t just tell you what you can and can’t do, but explains all of your legal options.
  • Is his or her office conveniently located? You will most likely make many trips to your attorney’s office. You do not want to waste time on long commutes. You’ll be glad that you chose a lawyer closer to your office, especially during the first few years in business, during an expansion, or if you are involved in a lawsuit. See if your lawyer offers video chats and phone calls to help save travel time.
  • Do I like this person? Your small business lawyer might not always tell you what you want to hear, but you should feel comfortable speaking honestly and openly at all times. Your lawyer can’t do his job if you can’t trust him. Make sure to follow your gut and listen to your feelings.

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California civil attorneys from LibertyBell Law Group have a reputation for being honest, professional, and astute. As a result, they are well respected by judges, peers, and past clients. You can be assured our civil attorneys are committed to you and will always respond promptly.


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