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Civil litigation attorneys in California, Employment Discrimination Attorney Los Angeles for Fair Treatment at the Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace is a serious matter, and it can be grounds for legal action against an employer. Civil litigation attorneys in California specialize in representing workers in court and during negotiations.

Working with an attorney is one of the best ways to argue for fair treatment and challenge discriminatory company practices. Here is how a discrimination lawyer can help you improve your workplace.

What is Employee Discrimination?

Employment discrimination includes any unfair treatment of an employee or job applicant in comparison to others in normal work situations, such as hiring, promotions, firing, and determining benefits.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces laws that protect various groups from discrimination. Hiring managers and other leaders must treat all employees with respect

The following are protected groups:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Physical disabilities
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • National origin
  • Gender identity
  • Sexual orientation

It is illegal to treat employees differently based on whether they belong to any of these groups.

Types of Discrimination

Discrimination takes many forms, and it isn’t always clear-cut, which is why you may sometimes need an attorney to help you prove your case. It can include harassment in the workplace from management or co-workers. Creating a hostile work environment

Sexual harassment is another common concern for employees. It includes sexual remarks and behavior—but can also include any other form of harassment based on sex.

For example, making insulting remarks about women or not granting someone the accommodations they need for a pregnancy can also be sexual harassment.

Some forms of discrimination mean that not all workers get equal pay and benefits. The Equal Pay Act protects employees from wage discrimination and promotes workplace fairness. All employees with equal skills should have the same job descriptions and get the same amount of pay.

When a company treats its workers unfairly, they are usually breaking federal and state laws.

What Does an Employment Lawyer Do?

Employment lawyers specializing in conflicts between employers and employees. They make sure everyone’s interests are represented and that an organization is following the law.

A lawyer can explain employees’ rights to them and help them understand whether or not they have been subject to unfair treatment in the eyes of state or federal law.

Lawyers can help with the legal process of filing a complaint. They can also assist employers in complying with the law and create fairness in the workplace to avoid employee complaints or legal action.

If there are serious issues, a lawyer can guide clients through litigation. Lawsuits for wage disputes, for example, or worker’s compensation. Discrimination-based cases tend to revolve around a termination, demotion, or work reassignment.

Good lawyers conduct careful research into each case so they can build a strong, persuasive case in court. Whatever the situation, a legal expert can help you get a fair chance at getting a raise, promotion, or other work milestones.

Choose the Right Business Law Attorneys in California

When you are dealing with a discrimination case, you don’t want to hire just any lawyer. Instead, you should seek out business law attorneys in California who have spent years helping employees get fair treatment and compensation.

It’s important to communicate expectations with your lawyer and make sure you are both on the same page. During your initial meeting, you can discuss your experience and desired outcome of the case.

We pride ourselves on standing up for employees when they need legal representation. We believe that every worker deserves to be treated fairly. To schedule your free consultation with our law firm, contact us at 866-320-4854 at LibertyBell Law Group today!

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