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Lawyers working for the defense of  Norbeto Alaniz in a huge federal drug trafficking conspiracy case did not win their appeal. The lawyers claimed the federal court abused its discretion by not releasing dates of birth and social security numbers of informants.

The federal case included charges of drug trafficking, money laundering, and conspiracy thereof. The drug trafficking operation involved the Mexican drug cartels, Los Zetas and the Gulf cartel.

The best federal criminal lawyers working regularly on cases involving drug trafficking and conspiracy are more likely to use new evidence and arguments to win an appeal. New evidence is extremely unlikely to surface in a drug trafficking federal case as a result of obtaining a social security number or birth date of an informant. Especially in light of the true names of the informants being revealed to the defense as well as other information such as their criminal histories, background information, prior testimonies, and plea agreements.

Federal lawyers working on the defense have the odds against them, as only 3% of federal cases are won.  Hence the reason why some federal criminal lawyers will argue the evidence and testimony admitted to lessen sentencing and time in prison. Top federal lawyers will attempt to get probation for clients when a mountain of evidence exists including video or audio recordings.

During the Alaniz case trial, one witness informant was asked by counsel if he reported his income to the IRS, which was rejected immediately by the court as it was irrelevant to the drug trafficking conspiracy charges of the defendants.


Top federal lawyers can prevent or lessen charges filed if hired early enough or greatly reduce sentencing and even get no prison time in lieu of probation. It’s important to note that private federal lawyers are much more effective than free public defenders as they have the resources and especially the time to build a strong case and go against the power and resources available to the prosecutor.

Top federal lawyers work on a team with other federal lawyers and experts and have the resources and expertise to comb through a federal drug trafficking case. LibertyBell Law Group’s federal criminal lawyers also have expertise in taking apart a witness’ testimony and rendering them useless for the benefit of the client.

LibertyBell Law Group lawyers may take on many tactics in questioning evidence or witnesses in federal cases. Mostly because experienced federal lawyers know that the amount of evidence entered and argued against is a key component. However, federal lawyers use the most relevant evidence in making the best arguments to build a strong defense. Federal lawyers also know how to handle witnesses used by the prosecution to hinder their testimony. They also have their own experts and know how to find and present their own witnesses to slice away at the prosecution’s arguments.

Federal lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group are known for their exceptional abilities and successes in federal cases. LibertyBell Law Group’s Gina Tennen, a top federal and criminal lawyer, has been chosen as one of the nation’s “Top 100 Trial Lawyers“. Recently recognized in the news, Tennen and her team of federal lawyers also recently won a federal case and got her client a “not guilty” verdict.

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