Michele Kendall


Attorney Michele Kendall possesses both an analytical insight and concentrated attention to detail which is the cornerstone of a successful Law and Motions attorney. Her diligent devotion to research gives her the ability to recognize details and issues often overlooked. It is the recognition of these details and issues that make her a valuable resource for LibertyBell Law Group clients..

Michele Kendall areas of practice include:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Business Formation and Governance
  • Transactional Matters
  • Employment Issues and Disputes
  • Estate Planning
  • Real Estate
  • International Transactions and Export Control

Education & Expertise

Attorney Michele Kendall began her career working for firms that specialized in Real Estate Transactions and Commercial Collections Litigation, as well as, Personal Injury, Business and Employment litigation.

In the area of litigation Attorney Michele Kendall provides essential research into potential motions that may arise during litigation. As a Motion and Research attorney, Attorney Michele Kendall, recognizes that effective and thoroughly researched motions can help to strengthen our client’s cases. Attorney Michele Kendall uses her experience and concentrated attention to detail in all areas of the law.

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