Alan Tavelman


Attorney Alan Tavelman has well over twenty years of experience as a civil litigator in the areas of employment law, business, immigration and personal injury matters.Mr. Tavelman has successfully litigated, arbitrated and mediated numerous federal, state and governmental actions, employment law claims, breach of contract actions and personal injury matters over the past twenty years. As a civil litigator, Attorney Tavelman is well respected and recognized in the legal community as being an intense, honest, and reasonable advocate for his clients. In addition to his civil litigation experience, Mr. Tavelman has an extensive understanding and background within the criminal justice system which enables him to successfully represent clients in criminal matters.

Attorney Tavelman prides himself on providing outstanding legal service to each client and has a strong belief in client communication. Attorney Alan Tavelman investigates the facts of each case and has the knowledge, experience, and ability to capitalize on opportunities which present themselves. Mr. Tavelman has a calm nature and ability to inform his clients about the different options and legal strategies available for achieving the best results. Clients appreciate his honest, straight forward and creative approach as it gives them a clear understanding of their situation, the road ahead and goals for successfully proceeding forward.

Mr. Tavelman graduated from California State University Northridge and earned his Juris Doctor from Glendale University College of Law.  Prior to Mr. Tavelman becoming an attorney, he was a decorated law enforcement officer in Los Angeles County and uses his extensive investigative skills to assist in obtaining information in support of his client’s case. 

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