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Whether you are seeking legal advice for real estate, an employment issue, considering filing a legal complaint on a contract issue, needing to defend a contract issue, have been injured in an accident, need family law counsel, or are a business who needs litigation or a legal team to counsel you on your business affairs, you have come to the right place. LibertyBell Law Group’s best civil attorneys are the TOTAL package for all of your legal matters.

A legal problem can turn your life or business upside down. Enduring legal issues can cause stress and financial trauma to a business and be traumatizing and confusing to an individual as to what is really happening.

Call the best civil attorneys in California now at 1-855-200-ATTY (1-855-200-2889). You can also email us using the contact form. Our experienced civil attorneys will speak to you right away and handle your legal issues promptly. WE ARE HERE 24 HOURS A DAY TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Se Habla Español.

Our Attorneys

Alan Tavelman

Attorney Alan Tavelman has well over twenty years of experience as a civil litigator.

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Dave Miller

Attorney Dave Miller has extensive experience guiding his clients through the legal system.

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Gina Tennen

She has a toughness of mind and ability to cut away at a case and break down of information.

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Michele Kendall

Provides essential research into potential motions that may arise during litigation.

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