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California’s largest city is Los Angeles. With a projected population of 3.8 million in 2020, it will be the second-largest city in the United States after New York City. Los Angeles is well-known for its subtropical climate, ethnic and cultural richness, and of course, Hollywood.

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Los Angeles has a robust and diverse economy and is home to businesses in a wide variety of professional and cultural industries. In 2018, the Los Angeles metro area had a gross metropolitan product of more than $1 trillion, making it the third-largest city in the world by GDP.

State courts hear the vast majority of cases in the United States, and the Los Angeles County Superior Court is the largest state court in the country by volume. If you require a reliable legal representative in Los Angeles, our seasoned defense attorneys can assist you.

What Top Rated Civil Attorneys Do

In Los Angeles, a legal issue can cause numerous complications in your personal or professional life. These issues can result in stress and financial hardship. Worst of all, the legal procedure can be convoluted and full of unexpected twists and turns.

A law firm can prevent disastrous consequences by assessing your case, crafting your legal response, and representing you in court. Once you have hired or retained a civil lawyer in Los Angeles, he or she will handle all significant aspects of your civil case.

Here are some examples of the services you can expect from our team of civil attorneys in Los Angeles:

  • Schedule an interview with you and other witnesses or parties in order to gain a better understanding of the case
  • Conduct depositions that will serve as testimony
  • Correspond with the other party’s lawyer and the court
  • Assist you with motions, briefs, and any other legal documents
  • Requests for service discovery by the other party
  • Consider hiring an expert witness to testify about technical, medical, or professional issues that pertain to your civil case
  • Negotiate a possible settlement with the other party’s attorney
  • Assist you in presenting your civil case to a judge and/or jury

Get Help From The Best Civil Attorneys in Los Angeles

If you find yourself in a complicated financial dispute, you need the expertise of a civil lawyer to evaluate the merits of your case. On the other hand, if another person or business files a lawsuit against you, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced civil attorney.

Our Los Angeles civil attorneys strive to keep you apprised of the proceedings, developments, and anticipated outcomes. Your calls, questions, and concerns are essential; our civil attorneys in Los Angeles respond as quickly as possible. We are available at all times!

Call us today at (855) 529-7761 to speak to one of our Los Angeles civil litigation attorneys. Schedule a consultation with our top lawyers if you need advice about the possibility of a civil lawsuit or if someone is suing you.

You can also send us an email through our website’s contact form. Avoid waiting until it is too late to protect your Los Angeles, Anaheim or Long Beach business!

Best Civil Attorneys  has represented Los Angeles residents in all types of civil lawsuits and has a track record of successfully getting clients the justice they deserve. If you need legal advice for real estate, employment, litigation, or a legal team to advise you on your business affairs, the experienced lawyers at Liberty Bell Law Group can help assess your case and put you on the right track. 

Our legal team can also assist if you have been injured in an accident or need family law counsel. Respected by judges, peers, and past clients, Los Angeles Civil Cases can rest assured they’ve come to the right team for help in their legal disputes. 

Best Civil Attorneys Serving Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California, more popularly known as L.A., is a major city in California with a population of almost 4 million people. It’s the largest city in the state and the second largest in the country after New York City. LA is famous for its Hollywood film industry, ethnic and cultural diversity, and Mediterranean climate. 

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LA was originally part of Mexico until it was acquired by the USA in 1848, along with the rest of California. The city grew in the 1890s when oil was discovered. In 1913, the  Los Angeles Aqueduct was created to support the water supply of the city’s booming population. 

Courthouses in Los Angeles

The jurisdiction for Los Angeles is Los Angeles County Superior Court. There are 38 Courthouse Locations.  The Los Angeles Superior Court is subdivided into 12 districts which each handle matters at different locations by case type.

Please go to the filing court locator to find your district and courthouse: https://www.lacourt.org/filinglocatornet/ui/filingsearch.aspx

Laws And Regulations In Los Angeles

Like other cities in the country, Los Angeles is subject to federal and state laws. Understanding these laws allows citizens to know their civil rights and be protected in civil disputes. Specific municipal ordinances further guide residents in how they should live to ensure order and prevent confusion. 

For example, there’s an entire Municipal Code section protecting the rights of grocery workers. Municipal Code Section 181 not only ensures grocery workers are paid fair wages but also requires successor grocery employers to retain eligible grocery workers according to several considerations. With the changing business landscape, keeping a job is essential and unlawful termination is punishable by law. 

Knowing and understanding your employment rights can help you avoid income loss and protect your livelihood. Liberty Bell Law Group lawyers are well versed in the nuances of US, California, and Los Angeles laws and can help you get the compensation and justice you deserve. 

Important Resources for Civil Cases in Los Angeles

Civil suits are stressful and draining for the parties involved. If you’ve been wrongly summoned in a civil case, or if someone has gravely offended you and you want to pursue legal actions, then you need experienced and professional civil lawyers who can guide you every step of the way. Competent lawyers will ensure the stressful situations are resolved quickly so you can go back to living your life normally. 

In case of a civil suit, contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is your priority. Understanding your rights and the boundaries of the law will help you exhaust all means to win your case. Most civil suits are settled before they reach court, and a seasoned lawyer will help you achieve a favorable settlement. 

If the civil suit reaches court, make sure to appear and perform your duty. Here are important resources to guide civil suit Civil Cases in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles US Courthouse

Address: 350 W 1st St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: +1 (213) 894 1565

Directions: View in Google Maps

Los Angeles City Jail

Address: 1358 North Wilcox, Los Angeles, CA, 90028

Phone: +1 (213) 972 2975

Directions: View in Google Maps

Los Angeles Police District (LAPD)

Address: 251 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90028

Phone: +1 (213) 486 6606

Directions: View in Google Maps

Why Call Best Civil Attorneys in Los Angeles, CA

Best Civil Attorneys has served Los Angeles City Civil Cases for over three decades and has built a reputation for honesty, astuteness, and professionalism. Our lawyers are well-respected in the industry and can guarantee that our clients will reach the best and fairest settlement and compensation. 

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We offer a free consultation to help you know your options when facing a civil suit or filing one. Contact us today at 866-792-2120 or through our website to book an appointment. You deserve to be protected against injustice. Let us fight for your rights.



Annick handled my case and won.

I hired LibertyBell Law Group for a civil case and I coudn't be happier. Annick handled my case and won. After the case was over I was still having trouble collecting from the Defendant and she guided me on the next steps to enforce my Judgment. I will definitely use this law firm again. Highly recommend. Thank you Gina T and your staff.

– V.S, from Los Angeles, CA
Irena Shut and Nancy made this process seamless.

I recently hired Liberty Bell Law Firm to assist in a civil matter involving our ex business partner. Irena Shut and Nancy made this process seamless. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is involved in a complicated civil matter. They were able to save us a lot of money without having to go through the expense of a costly litigation.

– T.B, from Valley Village, CA
If I can give them more than 5 stars, I would.
If I can give them more than 5 stars, I would. I really can't thank this firm enough. I came across LibertyBell Law Group after a recommendation from my next door neighbor. I needed legal help on a pretty complex matter. After speaking with their office a few times I decided to hire them. I am so glad I did. These guys were so thorough, so dedicated to my case. They are truly the best at what they do. I am so thankful for everything they did for me. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed.
– A.B, from Tarzana, CA


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