, Finest Restaurants in Los Angeles

Whether you’re a tourist, a resident or someone who is doing a business in Los Angeles, it will be near impossible to try every amazing restaurant the city has to offer. LA is a city known for its celebrity status, nightlife, and of course, an almost unlimited amount of options when it comes to dining. Check out this list of the finest restaurants in the city. 


This restaurant is known for exactly what you think: pizza. Arguably one of the most popular foods in the US among adults and children alike, pizza is a meal even the pickiest of eaters can agree on However, Pizzanna takes pizza to the next level.

With a detailed approach to Neapolitan pizza, this restaurant incorporates new flavor combinations that reflect the diverse melting pot that is Los Angeles. Every single bite of pizza is crispy and mouthwatering.


Located in the Downtown Arts District, Bestia has been open for almost a decade. This restaurant is so popular that you need to book your reservations weeks in advance, so make sure to do so if you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles. If you love Italian food, you will love Bestia for its Spaghetti Rustichella, a pyramid of noodles under crab, Calabrian chili, and onion seed.

Make sure to save enough room for dessert, crafted by co-owner and pastry chef Genevive Gergis who makes a delectable chocolate budino tart. 


Also located in the Downtown Arts District, you may have heard of Nightshade because it is owned by Mei Lin, a Top Chef winner. Nightshade’s signature dishes include shrimp toast, truffled crab congee, and a map-tofu take on lasagna.

All of the food has deep traditional roots in Chinese cuisine, making it a must-have for anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of sampling gourmet Chinese food.

Bon Temps

If you can’t guess from the name, Bon Temps is a French restaurant that offers a fresh take on traditional French cuisine. Located in the Downtown Arts District, the bistro makes delicious croissants that are lined up behind a case so that you can see them as soon as you walk in. At Bon Temps, you’ll also find fresh salads, tartines, and sandwiches made from the highest quality ingredients.


Bavel is owned by the same husband-and-wife duo that owns Bestia: Ori Menashe and Genevive Gergis. Drawing on their cultural heritages, they bring patrons delicious hummus and pita, along with lamb neck shawarma and spiced Persian ice cream.

At Bavel, you have the option of sitting on the patio, inside, near the kitchen, or under hanging vines. The decor not only reminds you of home, but the food is sure to fill your belly!


Maude first became popular among locals when it decided to swap out menus every single month. However, the head chef, Curtis Stone, now serves intricate courses inspired by a different wine region each quarter. One month you might try the house-made boudin, and another you’ll be having potato chips and Aussie beer.

As a high-profile restaurant located in Beverly Hills, Maude is a popular option for date nights.