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Criminal Attorneys, the best ones, custom-make federal defenses for a charge of tax evasion of payroll taxes. If federal criminal attorneys were to use the same defenses for all cases, prosecutors would be able to anticipate what they’re next move would be and lodge an effective prosecution strategy. However, there are federal defenses that experienced criminal attorneys can tell you will not work under most conditions so you can be better informed on what is not a good defense tactic.


If you are being investigated for tax evasion it is imperative and vital that you only say “speak to my  criminal attorneys” and do not utter another word to IRS agents, detectives, and law enforcement. Experienced federal criminal attorneys know that even saying something such as “I don’t have to talk to you” or “I’m not saying a word” can be used against you in a federal court.

The best defense against a federal charge is, of course, hiring a criminal attorney before charges get filed. Criminal attorneys can effectively protect your rights and know how to mount a defense, talk to the IRS agents, hinder the investigation, and either prevent charges from being filed or lessen the severity of charges filed.

After, charges have been filed, it is essential your criminal attorney start working on a defense immediately. The earlier a criminal attorney can start working on a federal case of tax evasion the much easier it is to defend you and be one step ahead of the prosecution.


When federal criminal attorneys defend a charge for tax evasion of payroll taxes they know that a claim of being deceived by the accountant is not going to work well, as past tax evasion cases have shown. In fact, federal attorneys know a business owner can be liable even if the owner had no knowledge the IRS was not being paid payroll taxes. In past cases, federal prosecutors have been successful in expressing that business owners have the authority and responsibility to ascertain payroll taxes are paid.

Another federal defense criminal attorneys say won’t work is one based on a business owner claiming payroll taxes were not paid because he or she was trying to keep the business afloat. However, criminal attorneys know federal prosecutors are much harsher in sentencing if the business owner was using the money owed to the IRS to buy luxury items, expensive cars and lavish homes versus just trying to keep the business alive and pay other bills, if the accused were found guilty.

The IRS is aggressively taking on many more employment tax cases and charging smaller businesses with tax evasion. Because of increased hardball efforts against tax evasion of payroll taxes, if you are being investigated or charged with tax evasion, it is to your benefit to hire a team of criminal attorneys and experts right away. LibertyBell Law Group’s team of federal criminal attorneys and experts unite their brain power, expertise, and resources to build you an effective and successful defense.

Know that tax evasion, especially of payroll taxes, is a very serious crime, even more so than income tax evasion. A conviction on tax evasion can land an individual numerous years in prison, and having to pay huge fines, penalties and restitution if not effectively defended in a federal court. If your life, business, and reputation is on the line, call our best criminal attorneys now at 855-LAW-PRO1 (855-529-7761).



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