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If you believe that you have been wronged financially or otherwise, you need a civil lawyer to help assess the merits of your case. On the other end of the spectrum, if another person or business sues you, meeting with a civil attorney in Los Angeles is paramount. It is important to have a lawyer who is familiar with the legal system in Los Angeles, as the laws and regulations can differ from other areas. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Not having a Los Angeles law firm look over your case, advise your response, and represent you if the case goes to court can result in disastrous consequences. The reality is that the other party will have professional, legal help . You don’t want to fall behind out of the gate.

Top Rated Civil Lawyers in LA

A legal problem can create numerous issues in your life or business in Los Angeles . Dealing with these issues can cause stress and financial trauma. Worst of all, the legal process can be confusing and full of unexpected turns.

Our Los Angeles civil lawyers does our best to keep you informed of the process, developments, and expectations. Your calls, questions, and concerns are essential; our civil attorneys in Los Angeles respond as quickly as possible. We are always available for you!

Give us a call today at (855) 200-2889 to speak to one of our experienced Los Angeles civil litigation attorneys . Whether you need advice about the possibility of a civil case or someone is suing you, call the best. Se habla Espanol.

What Civil Litigation Attorney Do

Once you have hired or retained a civil lawyer in Los Angeles , he or she will handle all significant aspects of your civil case. You are ultimately in control of your case. It is crucial, however, to defer to your civil litigation attorney’s judgment in all legal decisions. Here are a few examples of what you can expect from your team of civil attorneys:

  • Your civil attorney will conduct an interview with you and other witnesses or parties to help understand and build your case
  • Conduct depositions to be used as testimonies
  • Handle all correspondence with the other party’s lawyers and the court
  • File motions, briefs, and any other legal documents on your behalf
  • Serve discovery requests made by the other party
  • Hire expert witnesses to testify about any technical, medical, or professional issues that concern your civil case
  • Engage in negotiations with the other party’s attorney regarding any possible settlements
  • Represent you and present your civil case before a judge and/or jury

Our Los Angeles team of experienced civil attorneys knows the best way to handle your case. From the initial stages to the paperwork to your day in court. We don’t waste your time but take all of the necessary steps to ensure your civil case is handled correctly. Contact us today to discuss your situation and the best way to move forward.

What Are the Cases?

Generally speaking, civil cases are conflicts between people or businesses. Most often, these conflicts involve money but aren’t restricted to finances. One party, the plaintiff, claims to have been somehow harmed by the actions by the other party, the defendant. The plaintiff files a complaint hoping to relief from the court.

Cases can end in a variety of ways:

The plaintiff may be awarded damages or money to compensate for the suffering caused.
The result may also be an injunction that prevents the plaintiff from doing something or a declaratory judgment, where the court determines the meaning of a contract.

A civil case does not need to go all the way to court as the parties can settle it themselves. At any time during the case, the parties can agree to resolve the dispute and reach a compromise.

Our goal is to make sure you remain whole. Whether this means getting you the payout you deserve or protecting your interests from the other party, we treat your civil case in Los Angeles with the utmost importance. We also make sure you know the potential outcomes and help set realistic expectations.

Types of Civic Cases

There are a wide variety of cases that can be handled in court. Here are four of the most common types of cases you may encounter:

1. Tort Claims

A tort is a wrongful act, not counting a breach of contract, that results in an injury to someone’s person , property, reputation, or so on. If the plaintiff wins the case, the result is likely financial compensation. Some common torts are personal injury, battery, defamation, fraud, and negligence.

An intentional tort is when an individual or entity purposefully engages in conduct that causes damage to someone else — for example, striking someone during a fight would meet this definition. While this might seem like a criminal injury, it can also be a tort. If the government decides to file criminal charges, the result could be a fine or jail time. The lawsuit would seek monetary compensation for damages, like hospital bills or medical care.

Negligence is the most common type of tort. Instead of involving deliberate actions, negligence is when an individual or entity is careless and fails to provide a duty to another person. Slip and fall cases are the most common negligence cases.

For example, a broken staircase without proper support or warning could cause someone to fall. The owner of the stairs was negligent.

2. Breach of Contract

When someone fails to perform some term of a contract, it’s considered a breach. Both written and oral agreements can be breached. For example, not completing a job, not paying in full, or failing to deliver goods, and so on.

There are several types of contract breaches. Actual breaches are when one party refuses to perform the terms of the contract adequately.

For example, if you had a contract with a Los Angeles company to build a fence. The company takes your money, builds half of your fence, and never returns. They breached the contract by not completing the job. On the flip side, your contractor in Los Angeles might also seek a breach of contract suit if he finished the job, but you do not pay the amount agreed upon.

Anticipatory breaches are when one of the parties to the contract informs the other that the agreement will not be completed. This could happen if, for example, your Los Angeles wedding planner lets you know that she will no longer be planning your wedding. Depending on the terms of your contract, she could be in breach.

3. Equitable Claims

An equitable claim asks the court to order a party to stop or start a specific action. These claims can also be combined with requests for monetary damages. Equitable claims can result in a temporary restraining order or an injunction. For example, someone might make an equitable claim to stop the destruction of property, improper transfer of land, or the solicitation of a business’ customers.

Imagine that you own an art gallery in Los Angeles and signed a contract with a local artist to display a particular piece. If the artist doesn’t deliver the piece, a court can then order that artist to deliver what was promised or pay a fine. In some cases, the court may modify the contract to make it fairer for both parties. The court may also cancel or rescind the agreement altogether if the deal is deemed overly unfair.

4. Landlord-Tenant Issues

Courts handle all kinds of disputes between landlords and tenants. For example, if a Los Angeles landlord is attempting to evict a tenant for some reason or if tenants need to sue for the return of their security deposits.

One of the most essential landlord-tenant issues is not necessarily about the substance of the problem, but if the claim was filed correctly.

For example, a landlord in Los Angeles can not simply change the locks to evict a tenant. This “self-help eviction” can get the landlord in trouble, even if the tenant legally deserved an eviction. A court makes the eviction decision, not the landlord. Working outside of the proper procedure can work against the landlord’s interests.

Our team of experienced Los Angeles civil attorneys has dealt with nearly every kind of civil cases imaginable in Los Angeles. We know how to represent your interests regardless of the situation. If you are unsure if you even have a civil case or don’t know how to respond to a suit against you, contact us today to discuss your options.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

When you are considering filing a lawsuit in Los Angeles , it’s crucial to meet with a civil lawyer. Your initial meeting with a Los Angeles civil attorney will help determine if you have a case and what steps are needed to move forward. Legal professionals know which cases are worth pursuing and what the chances are to be successful. They know all of the steps and paperwork required and might even know alternative methods to solve your dispute.

You’ll also want to contact a Los Angeles civil attorney if you’ve been named in a suit by someone else. You never want to dismiss a lawsuit, even if it seems silly. It’s possible to lose a case in court by being unprepared or not showing up. Sometimes it’s also worth contacting a civil lawyer at the threat of being sued so that you know your options.

Anyone seeking legal advice can rely on our experienced attorneys to provide them with personalized guidance and support, offering sound advice based on their particular circumstances and needs, as well as providing them with the necessary education to make informed decisions about their case.

If you are considering a legal settlement, our experienced team of attorneys can help you navigate the process and ensure that you receive the best possible outcome, so you don’t have to go it alone.

Litigation Lawyer’s Fees

There are a variety of approaches to how Los Angeles lawyers bill and how much they charge. In many cases, civil attorneys will charge by the hour. They keep meticulous records of how much time is spent on your situation and charge accordingly.

Some civil lawyers will work on contingency, which means your  business attorney  takes a pre-established percentage of your winnings if your civil case is successful. Civil lawyers typically will not work on contingency unless your claim is compelling.

You might even find some Los Angeles civil attorneys who have flat rates for specific tasks. For example, a civil lawyer might charge a flat rate to send a cease and desist letter. Make sure to know how your civil lawyer’s fees are structured and how payments are made as you don’t want to be surprised down the road.

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Our Los Angeles civil attorneys have a reputation for being honest, professional, and astute. They are well respected by judges, peers, and past clients. Most of all, our team of Los Angeles civil attorneys is committed to you. We take the time to explain all of the legal issues and options in the necessary detail to ensure you understand the situation and process.

Our services include a free consultation to review your case and provide an evaluation, so you don’t have to go it alone; we are committed to providing you with the best services possible so you can make the best decision for your future.

With our extensive knowledge of the law and years of experience, we are confident that we can provide you with the best legal advice and representation possible to go it alone, so don’t hesitate to request a free consultation and let us review your case to give you an evaluation free of charge.

Our Team

Our service is to provide a free consultation to review your case and provide an evaluation, so you don’t have to go it alone, and we are committed to providing the best possible service to ensure you get the best outcome.

Various people may work on your civil case in Los Angeles: paralegals, assistants, etc. Your case, however, is managed by one of our experienced Los Angeles civil lawyers . Here is a little more about who might take your case.

Gina Tennen: Executive Managing Attorney

Attorney Gina Tennen has been featured in Time Magazine’s “100 most Influential People” edition under “Leaders of Criminal Defense.” She is known as a leader in litigation, investigation, and negotiation for both civil and criminal cases . Tennen has a toughness of mind and the ability to cut away a case and break down tons of information. She has a reputation as a relentless fighter who doesn’t give up on her cases.

Alan Tavelman: Senior Attorney

Attorney Alan Tavelman has over twenty years of experience representing clients as a litigator. He’s worked in areas of employment law, business, immigration, and personal injury matters. He is well-known for his attention to detail and strong communication skills. His calm and transparent nature ensures that his clients understand every step of the legal process.

Michele Kendall: Research and Motions Attorney

Attorney Michele Kendall’s analytical insight and attention to detail have made her an ideal law and motions attorney. Kendall prides herself on her diligent devotion to research, allowing her to recognize aspects and issues often overlooked. Kendall believes that effective and thoroughly researched motions play a vital role in helping her clients’ cases.

Contact the law offices of Best Civil Attorneys today for a free consultation in Los Angeles. If you’ve been wronged or have been accused of wrongdoing, you don’t want to go it alone. We’ll review your case and provide an evaluation free of charge.

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I hired LibertyBell Law Group for a civil case and I coudn't be happier. Annick handled my case and won. After the case was over I was still having trouble collecting from the Defendant and she guided me on the next steps to enforce my Judgment. I will definitely use this law firm again. Highly recommend. Thank you Gina T and your staff.

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If I can give them more than 5 stars, I would. I really can't thank this firm enough. I came across LibertyBell Law Group after a recommendation from my next door neighbor. I needed legal help on a pretty complex matter. After speaking with their office a few times I decided to hire them. I am so glad I did. These guys were so thorough, so dedicated to my case. They are truly the best at what they do. I am so thankful for everything they did for me. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed.
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