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personal injury lawyer California, What is Personal Injury Law in California? What Should I Do as an Injured Passenger in a Car Accident?

Getting injured in a car accident is a stressful experience. On top of the pain you may be experiencing, you will also need to deal with legal issues and insurance companies. A skilled personal injury lawyer California can handle the complex legal details on your behalf.

Negligence and driver responsibility are two main concerns in any accident case. Lawyers will focus on establishing driver negligence to claim that they must pay damages to the victims.

By working with established personal injury attorneys, you can establish your rights, shed light on your questions, and get the justice and benefits you deserve. Here are the immediate concerns an injured passenger should focus on after an accident.

Injured as a Passenger in a Car Accident? Here’s What You Need to Do

If you’ve been injured in an accident, figuring out the next steps can be confusing. Car accidents can cause serious injuries and lasting property damage, and it’s essential to get compensation for lost wages or medical bills. 

Here is what legal experts recommend if you need to negotiate with an insurance company or in a trial in front of a jury.

Immediately after the accident, you should try to record as much evidence as possible. This includes pictures and video. The other driver’s information is also crucial for any potential court case or negotiations. 

After you get medical attention and have started to recover, you will want to file an insurance claim. You can file a claim through personal injury protection or bodily injury insurance coverage. 

Skilled civil litigation attorneys in California can guide you through every step of the way as you attempt to hold a driver responsible for your pain and suffering. 

Duty of Drivers to Passengers

As an injured passenger, you may wonder what the driver’s legal responsibilities are and how they relate to you. 

At all times, drivers have a duty of care. This means they must be on alert and follow the law to protect their passengers, as well as other drivers. Speeding, ignoring red lights, or texting while driving are all common examples of how drivers can fail their duty of care. 

Drivers are also required to maintain their vehicles. That means driving around with broken tail lights or faulty brakes is a breach of their duty of care.

Although many passenger situations include friends or family, occasionally, the person driving you is a stranger, such as in a taxi cab or on a bus. However, the same rules apply to all drivers.

Damages to Claim as a Passenger After a Car Accident

As a passenger, you may be entitled to compensation for your driver’s carelessness and the injury it has caused. Even the smallest motor vehicle accidents can lead to broken bones, brain injuries, burns, and chronic pain. 

A victim can also claim damages for medical expenses, lost work, and a loss of quality of life. Legal experts who specialize in personal injury understand the high costs of ongoing health concerns. That’s why they will fight to help you get the amount you deserve.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you were injured as a passenger, it’s important to file a personal injury claim to start the process of getting a settlement. 

When submitting your claim, you’ll need to provide evidence that the driver breached their duty of care, that they acted negligently, and that this caused you personal harm. You will also need to list the specific damages that came about as a result of their negligence. 

Proving all of those things is no small feat, and a lawyer can help you do it efficiently. They can handle the research and present everything in a neat package to the insurance company. With legal representation on your side, you can focus on your recovery and health. 

Let Our Personal Injury Attorney Handle Your Claims

When you have a legal expert handling your personal injury case, you can relax knowing that they will advocate on your behalf. 

LibertyBell Law Group is a leading personal injury law firm that exhibits a high level of care and attention to all client cases. We provide excellent results for our clients and help them cover essential healthcare and other losses. 

Contact us today for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer California! We’ll discuss your options and share how our legal team can help.

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