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civil litigation attorneys in California, How Can Labor Law Attorneys in Los Angeles Protect You from Workplace Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination can have a major impact on your career and your daily experience at work. When you hire civil litigation attorneys in California, you can protect yourself from workplace discrimination and take legal action against an unfair employer.

Expert lawyers can help you address harmful workplace discrimination and either take your claims to court or reach a settlement with your employer.

What is Workplace Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination takes many forms. In general, it looks like unfair and unfavorable treatment on the basis of your race, gender, age, or another trait. Turning someone down for a promotion or employment just because of a superficial characteristic—rather than skills or abilities is discriminatory.

It can also take the form of workplace harassment. This is more than just a rude comment or light teasing. It describes when employees are targeted by serious or pervasive mistreatment—including threats, personal insults, and any other behavior that impedes an employee’s productivity and ability to do their job.

It includes denial of reasonable steps taken to accommodate a special need or request, such as in the case of a disability or medical condition.

The law even protects employees from discrimination after they file a complaint or charge against their employer. That means qualified employees can’t be fired or demoted as a punishment for seeking legal assistance.

What Laws Protect Workers from Discrimination?

There are several federal and state laws in place to prevent discrimination and give employees legal recourse. The Civil Rights Act, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and the Equal Pay Act are some of the most famous anti-discrimination laws.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act covers individuals who are 40 years or older. They have helped set the standards that define discriminatory conduct. As a result, traits like age, race, religion, sex, and national origin are considered a protected class.

In the workplace, discrimination based on a protected class can give employees a reason to pursue a legal claim. For most, it’s worth the effort to file a complaint and take the situation to court. Doing so can prevent an employer from mistreating others and can also provide a resolution to your own negative experience.

How Can a Lawyer Help With Your Discrimination Case?

California employment attorneys have years of experience helping their clients navigate the complex legal system. Simply claiming that you have experienced discrimination isn’t enough to get a settlement or any other acknowledgment from your employer.

It can be difficult to prove that an employment practice is discriminatory on your own. However, employment lawyers know how to provide proof and formulate an argument that highlights the unfairness of the treatment you’ve experienced.

Your lawyer will do the research needed to argue your case, drawing upon paperwork, records, and legal precedent.

If you perform equal work, you should get equal pay and treatment from your employer. Involving a lawyer can help you prove your case and get the response you deserve.

Hire Experienced Civil Litigation Attorneys in California

If you believe your workplace discrimination claims could lead to a settlement or other favorable outcome, it’s time to hire an attorney.

We specialize in intentional employment discrimination. Our company has spent many years helping clients achieve justice and get compensation for their experiences. If you want to push back against discrimination in the workplace, our team will stand by you.

To set up a free consultation and learn more about how we can help with your unique case, contact us at 866-320-4854 at LibertyBell Law Group today!

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