, Top 5 Things to Do in Los Angeles

Whether this is your first time visiting Los Angeles for a business trip or you’ve come to the city before, there are a few things you should do on your next trip. Visiting the beach might be at the top of your list, but make sure to pencil in some time for these other activities. 

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios is one of the highest-rated amusement parks in the world. No matter what time of year you are visiting, there is something everyone in the entire family will love. You can even make an entire day of it and explore the area outside of the park, Universal CityWalk. This area is loaded with shops and restaurants. 

Madame Tussauds

Meeting your favorite celebrities may be next to impossible, but you can visit this wax museum to take a few selfies with their likenesses. Located on Hollywood Boulevard, Madame Tussauds offers displays of all of your favorite movie stars and celebrities. You’ll be amazed by how life-like each statue looks!

Make sure to bring the kids along to see life-size superhero statues of Spider-Man, Captain America, and many more.

Santa Monica Pier-Pacific Park

If you’re a beach bum, make sure to wipe off the sand and spend a day at Pacific Park. Pacific Park resembles the fun, family-friendly county fair we all remember. The entire park is on the boardwalk, so you’ll never be short of a beautiful view while taking a break from the thrilling rides.

They also have rides for small children so that no one in the family misses out on the fun.

Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour

Take a ride on a Starline sightseeing tour with a bus pass that allows you to hop on and off the bus when the bus stops anywhere you’d like to visit. The yellow loop is great for those who want to travel between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, and it stops at a variety of shops. You can also take the bus all the way to the Santa Monica Pier and spend some time at Pacific Park! Make sure to stop at places you hadn’t originally planned on visiting. We guarantee you’ll find something to brag about at your next family gathering!

No matter where you hop on or off, this is a great way for tourists to see all of the places they wanted to visit without renting a car or Ubering around town. 

Newport Landing Whale Watching

Southern California is known for its sea life, including whales. The best opportunity for you to catch a glimpse of a whale in its natural environment is to take a Newport Landing Whale Watching Tour in Newport Beach.

Going by its name Newport Beach is known for its beautiful shores, but what many tourists don’t know is that it’s also a prime location for whale watching. You can see gray whales, finback whales, and giant blue whales, all on this tour.

Newport Bay sits next to a protected marine area, so it doesn’t take long to catch your first glimpse of these beautiful mammals. You also have the choice to go whale watching by ship or plane.