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Alimony, or spousal support as it’s called in California, are payments made by the supporting ex-spouse after divorce to preserve a standard of living set forth during the marriage to the supported spouse. There are two types of spousal support; “temporary alimony” and “permanent alimony” also called “long-term support.” The court calculates both temporary and long-term spousal support using various methods, if spouses can’t come to an agreement. In order to influence the judge and have a more favorable outcome, you need a California civil attorney who knows and understands these methods and has expertise in presenting you.

In calculating spousal support (alimony) a judge may consider these factors and more:

  • Length of marriage
  • Health and age of each spouse
  • Earning capacity and need of each spouse
  • Living expenses of each spouse
  • if there are minor children
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Criminal conviction against the supporting spouse by the dependent spouse, such as domestic violence or attempted murder
  • Any other factors the judge determines as just and equitable

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