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Our California attorneys are well experienced in representing landlords and tenants alike with leases, escrows, evictions, and resolving disputes. Whether you are an individual, property owner, or business, LibertyBell Law Group civil attorneys have your best interest in mind in protecting you and your assets.

Landlords / Tenant Issues our Civil Attorneys Handle Most:

  • Breach of contract, leaser rental agreement
  • Early lease termination
  • Residential and Commercial Detained – Eviction
  • Unlawful Detained – Wrongful Eviction
  • Return of deposit and more

If you are already involved in a dispute, our civil attorneys can help prevent the problem and costs from escalating further and go over your options to reach a resolution quickly with the other party. If you are already involved in a civil lawsuit, our California attorneys can provide you with better and cost effective results.

Landlord responsible for repairs of:

  • Presence of mold
  • Broken windows and doors
  • Sewage disposal system
  • Gas system
  • Heating system and more

The landlord is always responsible for providing a livable dwelling. If a landlord is violating housing code standards, the landlord can be prosecuted by local courts or other government bodies. It is utterly important for a landlord to know his rights and responsibilities to prevent a very expensive lawsuit from sprouting up or having to pay hefty fines or greater expenses.

Our best attorneys can talk to you about your legal options or concerns and how we can best help your needs. Call the best civil attorneys in California now at 855-200-ATTY (855-200-2889). You can also email us using the contact form below.

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