LibertyBell Law Group P.C. provides unparalleled defense for private Employers and Corporations of all sizes and types. Our Team has expertise in Defending Clients who face allegations of a variety of workplace violations, including but not limited to:

  1. Hostile Work Environment
    Claim sounds like: “My employer failed to provide a suitable work environment.”
  2. Discrimination
     Claim sounds like: “My employer discriminated against me or treated me differently.”
  3. Harassment
    Claim sounds like: “My employer abused or allowed others to abuse me in some way.”
  4. Retaliation
    Claim sounds like: “My employer punished me for reporting something or otherwise making them aware of issues.
  5. Workplace Class Action Defense
    Claim sounds like: “My employer has committed violations against me and others in the workforce.”
  6. Wage & Hour Defense
    Claim sounds like: “My employer failed to pay me or did not pay me enough and/or failed to provide breaks or other as dictated by law.”
  7. Failure to Conduct a Workplace Investigation:
    Claim sounds like: “I complained but no one listened or did anything about [ employee’s problem]”

LibertyBell Law Group also has a wealth of experience handling FEHA and DFEH Claims levied against you. Our civil team has worked on these types of cases for 20-30 years.

Our top California employment law lawyers and attorneys have the legal experience and expertise necessary for a successful resolution in labor and employment law related areas. We work in a timely fashion to resolve employment and labor related disputes and in advising you on employment matters. Our attorneys are committed to giving you individual attention and the best legal service that exceeds your expectations.

Do I Need Counsel?


Am I at risk?

If you are an Employer who has any sort of workforce, without following proper protocols, you could be at risk of costly and devastating litigation.

As such, LibertyBell is able not only to provide Defense to an action, but likewise provide Preventative and Compliance Services to any employer with any size workforce.

If you’ve been sued:

  1. Gather all evidence and workplace files
  2. Ensure staff have followed procedures for handling the complaints of the aggrieved employee
  3. If served with a Complaint, call us immediately so that we can begin crafting your Defense.

Potentially the most devastating and worst position to be in is to be unprepared.

If you want to prevent a potential suit:

The Team at LibertyBell Law Group P.C. prides itself on being able to provide comprehensive training courses, in-house investigations of potential misconduct, individual employee training, employee handbook creation and revision, as well as a plethora of other services.

Our team is equipped to:

  1. Provide workplace harassment training and seminars
  2. Conduct interviews and full investigations to root out potential violations which leave you at risk of litigation
  3. Provide remediation training, retrain entire workforces from upper level management to line employees
  4. Draft and edit employment handbooks
  5. Provide training to upper-level management
  6. Provide out-of-house Human Resource Services for all Complaints and address them effectively and Immediately

When should I secure counsel?

Any business is at risk without proper legal protection. Whether you have already been sued or you trying to avoid a suit, LibertyBell Law is ready and able to work with you protect your business, your hard work and your livelihood.

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