Business litigation services is a form of conflict resolution used by attorneys. It is commonly used when all alternate forms of dispute resolution have been exhausted or one party refuses to concede or pay for damages. Litigation is usually considered the last resort because of the high costs, not just in money, but in time and potential damage to the reputation of a business.

Business litigation services may involve:

  • Case Initiation – legal and factual research and more
  • Discovery – evidence disclosure and investigation
  • Settlement – negotiation and mediation, often mandatory and/or done with the court
  • Pretrial motions – legal research, drafting and answering motions
  • Trial – legal research, large amount of out-of-court and in-court work
  • Post-Judgment – collections, appeals and more

Large businesses sometimes use litigation services as a tactic, especially if the adversary is unlikely to afford the cost associated with a lengthy trial, by filing frivolously, and then burying opponents with motions.

Lawyers may also purposefully generate delays and provide a mountain of discovery to opposing lawyers, which would take an enormous amount of time to comb through, in an effort to pressure the other party to agree to a settlement. Our attorneys have worked with small to large businesses alike and know how to defend against legal tactics.

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