Irena Shut


Irena Shut has proven herself to be an ingenious and successful civil attorney. She understands the short and long term ramifications of the cases and matters she stands for. Attorney Shut’s goal is getting the best for her clients as quickly as possible. Shut has a strong record of success and knows how to produce extraordinary results for her clients.

Attorney Irena Shuts’ areas of practice include:

  • White Collar
  • Fraud and other Financial Crime Cases
  • Internet
  • High Profile Federal Cases
  • Complex Civil Litigation Matters
  •  State and Federal cases
  • Top Mediator in Complex Civil and White Collar Cases

Education & Expertise

California Attorney Shut’s experience includes business, employment, contracts, family, property, real estate, personal injury and more. Irena Shut’s knowledge of the justice system makes her an invaluable asset to the clients she represents in all legal matters.

Top attorney, Irena Shut, gives her full attention to clients and knows how to establish trust not just with clients but also decision makers. Shut is very patient, tact, and alert. She is also a tireless negotiator with a flawless and balanced demeanor that gets the job done.

LibertyBell Law Group Attorney Irena Shut knows how to evaluate the other side’s opposition; both the strengths and weaknesses. Civil attorney Shut has keen analytical insight and attention to detail. This allows Ms. Shut to resolve matters so they don’t reach the court room. Many strategic maneuvers can be made before a case is filed and every step of the way; Ms. Shut knows how to produce, deliver and create opportunity for her clients.

Creating a personal relationship with clients and the other side also gives Irena the advantage of resolving cases prior to filing and halts criminal charges or civil lawsuits pursued and the expensive costs of trial in California. Attorney, Irena Shut, has a history of changing the image of the client in the eyes of all involved parties and cleverly finds and highlights the factual weaknesses present. Attorney Irena Shut strives to do her best for you to ensure the optimal outcome.

Attorney Irena Shut handles negotiations and complex matters and is counsel for several multi-million dollar corporations. Shut also knows how to protect and defend clients from future litigation and legal problems. Irena Shut is one of the best attorneys in California joining the ranks of the other top attorneys working for LibertyBell Law Group.

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