Landlords’ Rights

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 If you are a landlord, knowing how to manage your property and tenants legally with the expert advice of a lawyer is essential, especially if you have a dispute, sense dangerous circumstances, or are having difficulties with a tenant. It should also be a priority for landlords to keep up to date on landlord/tenant and civil laws in avoidance of legal problems. LibertyBell Law Group’s civil lawyers in California know your rights as a landlord and are always up to date on the latest changes to laws to best serve you. Lawyers know that avoiding legal problems in the first place is the most cost effective method of conducting business and expressing your landlord rights.

Landlord’s rights, before renting a unit:

  • Advertise and make your rental units available
  • A landlord’s rights include making repairs
  • A landlord has the right to make reference and credit checks of the applicants, but a landlord must get signed permission to do so
  • Choosing among the applicants who you would like to have as a tenant
  • Laying out the terms of the lease or rental agreement, such as the rent payment and security deposit

If you are currently being investigated or lawyers have contacted you for negligence or any type of dispute, call our civil lawyers now to swing the circumstances in your favor and resolve the problem quickly and perhaps prevent a costly civil lawsuit.

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