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Insurance Bad Faith occurs when a person or automotive has suffered damages as a result of a car accident and an insurance company refuses to investigate the claim, denies the claim, or other means of denying coverage on losses. In other words, the insurance company is acting in "bad faith" by not properly investigating, delaying or not paying your claim for insured damages.

Signing up for automotive insurance is a civil binding contract. Insurance contracts require both parties to uphold the terms of the agreement. If you are experiencing an insurance bad faith claim, you need a civil lawyer who knows Federal and California insurance laws and how to settle out of court or litigate for you in court to get you the compensation you deserve. Civil lawyers from LibertyBell Law Group can review your case to see if you have enough evidence to win, advise you on how to attain more evidence or move forward in pursuing your claim.

Our lawyers in California are well experienced with car insurance bad faith claims, having amassed many huge victories for clients. You need civil attorneys who know all the civil laws inside and out, and know how to negotiate strategically and effectively. Getting the best lawyers now can be the difference between getting underpaid or getting the full amount of your claim plus punitive damages.

Common Automobile Insurance Bad Faith practices are:

  • Failing to investigate the claim
  • Delaying a claim, such as taking excessive amounts of time to investigate or make payments on the claim
  • Refusing to pay the full amount of the claim within the policy limits
  • Altering your policy without your approval
  • Canceling your policy in an effort to avoid your claim
  • Improperly investigating the claim, which can either be engaging in poorly conducted investigations or requiring excessive statements and paperwork to support a valid claim
  • Scheduling unreasonable times for appointments in taking statements or automotive repair estimates
  • Not telling you why your insurance claim was denied in the form of a document
  • Refusing to respond or go to court when you and your lawyer file a lawsuit
  • Expressing that you must go to a specific auto repair shop in order for the insurance company to pay for repairs
  • Having defective, poorly fitting, non-compliant, or non-OEM parts installed at the auto repair shop or using the insurer's standards of repairs rather than using the repair standards set out by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. This new California law places more accountability on the insurer when auto repairs are made as a result of a claim.

If you are having a dispute with your automotive insurance company about your claim or payments, speak now with the best civil lawyers in California. I urge you to call 855-200-ATTY (855-200-2889)!

More often than not, when an insurer acts in "bad faith", the insured driver or "additional insured" passenger hires a civil lawyer to sue the insurance company for compensatory and punitive damages. The insured driver or passenger gets punitive damages for being forced to file a lawsuit and hire an attorney and for the insurance company not acting in good faith. Even an insurance agent can be sued for professional negligence, though this depends on many factors and you should speak to a California lawyer to assess your circumstances including the policy, auto accident, and all involved parties.

Litigation for Automotive Insurance Bad Faith

Lawyers know that when a car insurance company refuses to pay a claim covered by the policy as a result of an accident, the insurance company is opening itself up to litigation and a large monetary judgment award, usually much larger than the policy limits. When an insurance company attempts to avoid its obligations the amount awarded by the jury to the plaintiff is usually designed to punish the insurance company. When settled early and without a lawsuit, an auto insurance company will be liable to a reasonable and fair settlement pay out.

When standing up against a large and powerful insurance company you need equally powerful civil lawyers to win your case, whether it is through a negotiated settlement or lawsuit.

Our civil lawyers will advise you to get maximum compensation for your damages, pain and suffering. If there are personal injuries or uninsured motorists involved the case becomes more complicated and you need the expertise, skill, and tenacity of our attorneys to give you a fair fight and protect your rights.

Our lawyers have the bargaining power and negotiation tactics for effective litigation in court and outside of court. Many times, our civil attorneys can resolve your insurance bad faith case without even going through an expensive lawsuit and with a very favorable settlement, in effect saving you the time and costs of litigation. However, if the insurance company refuses to pay for repairs to your car and pay you the compensation your case is worthy of, our civil lawyers will not hesitate to move forward on litigation in a court room.

Get a free case review now by our expert civil attorneys and call 855-200-2889! You may also type in the confidential form to your top right and tell us about your insurance claim and the accident. Our civil lawyers will review how your automotive insurance company is acting in bad faith and not properly handling your claim and giving your payments and call you back within one day to give you insightful information and how to move forward.

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