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Family mediation entails a third party mediator helping parties to voluntarily reach an agreement. In private family mediation, a mediator may be a civil lawyer highly skilled in family law, surrounding issues, and negotiation, such as the attorneys from LibertyBell Law Group. In complex cases, parties are counseled by civil lawyers who present their case to the mediator. Our civil lawyers have worked on all sides of mediation giving them eminent experience and expertise in reaching a resolution quicker and with more satisfactory results.

Family mediation lawyers handles:

  • Parenting plan (also know as child custody)
  • Division of assets and debt in divorce
  • Family Business
  • Real-estate or property
  • Cross-border finance and more

Mediation is advantageous for many different reasons, especially when it involves family members. The bad feelings and adversarial nature of litigation can leave family members torn apart. When one family member, such as a spouse, has too much power or dominates the other, litigation by civil lawyers is the only recourse for justice and protection. You should meet with a civil attorney to discuss the issues to see if family mediation is in fact the best option.

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