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In California, the employee rights of workers are violated at an alarming rate and spurring lawsuits. Lawyers point out that 90% of employment law class action cases are wage and hour lawsuits. Employment law violations are so rampant the Department of Labor (DOL) has increased their budget for Wage and Hour Division (WHD) investigations to $266 million. LibertyBell Law Group civil attorneys have an ever increasing number of labor cases. Our lawyers get the maximum settlement possible and most cases have been successfully resolved without costly litigation.

Employee rights most often violated:

  • Wage and hour violations, such as not giving employees required meal and rest breaks.
  • Overtime or off-the-clock work is not being paid, according to legal standards.
  • Not being paid minimum wage often occurs to immigrants or illegal aliens who do not know their rights.
  • Not being paid when you’re on-call, though you should speak to an attorney as Wage Orders apply differently to different industries and occupations.

All cases and employment law matters have statutes of limitation governing the deadlines when you can seek damages and file a lawsuit. It is vital you take action immediately. If you feel your employee rights were or are being violated.

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