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Our California business contract law lawyers provide expertise in comprehensive preparation and writing of contracts to both individuals and businesses. Our civil attorneys have the knowledge and experience to negotiate the terms of your contract, review your existing contracts to correct ambiguities, and aggressively represent you in a breach of contract laws to protect your interests and accomplish your goals.

Business contract law lawyers specializing in:

  • Business Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Purchase / Sales Contracts
  • Partnership Agreements and More

Our attorneys are fully aware that many times there is unequal ground between businesses, partners, contractors, or individuals that can come into play in contractual negotiations. Whether there are differences in size, experience or other aspects of the relationship, our lawyers know how extremely important it is to be aware of terms that can influence the path of the business transaction or expected performance.

Contract law and agreements

A contract or agreement is the most important part of relationships owned by a business, partner, and contractor. Business owners, individuals, or contractors should never attempt to write a legal document without the help of a civil lawyer. Using generic contracts found on the internet will not cover all the layers and specifics of your unique situation and circumstance.

Contract lawsuits and litigation?

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