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Child custody and visitation is a very complex matter requiring expertise by lawyers. If you are having a dispute with the other parent over who your children will be with and how they are to be handled, you need a civil attorney, especially if the other parent has a lawyer. However, you can accomplish what you want with a highly skilled civil lawyer in mediation. In fact, California requires both parents to attempt and resolve all child custody and visitation matters via mediation before going to litigation.

Child Custody Expertise

Civil attorneys have full knowledge and expertise on the vast civil and family code, legal procedures, deadlines and a lot of fire power that’s impossible to be gained overnight by reading a few self-help articles on the internet.

Legal custody of your children gives you the right to decide on these issues:

  • Where your children will go to school, including daycare
  • The religion your children will be raised in
  • The type of medical care they will receive and where
  • Emergency situations

Get the best attorneys for you and your children and protect yourselves. Don’t underestimate the value of being represented by a lawyer with child custody and visitation expertise. Our civil attorneys in California know how to prepare the path and take the right steps from the very start, even before mediation, to litigation, and all the way to the end and beyond for favorable child custody and visitation terms for you and your children.

Child Custody Litigation

Child custody battles in litigation are very complicated cases, to protect your interests and the interests of your child you need to get a firm grip early on to have an impact on the end result. Our civil lawyers know how to position you from the very beginning to get the best for you and your children. Attorneys know that some child custody mediation will eventually end up in litigation.

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