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Alternative Dispute Resolution, (ADR) is a civil process used to settle a dispute without going to trial or court. Lawyers say that the goal of ADR is to resolve a dispute with a problem-solving approach using an impartial person, a neutral party, to help both sides reach an agreement or decide on the case. You should always talk to a lawyer to best determine if in fact ADR is right for your matter, and which type of ADR would benefit you the most.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in California.

  • Arbitration – In California, there are two types of arbitration, biding and non-biding. An arbitration that is not binding is also called “judicial arbitration”
  • Mediation – Used when both parties want to control over the outcome as the mediator does not decide on the solution but rather facilitates communication.
  • Settlement Conference – A neutral person, a “settlement officer,” or a judge helps both parties settle their dispute.

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