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Negotiation is a problem solving process for either resolving conflicts or reaching an agreement, as in the terms of a contract. Lawyers most often use negotiation in mediation, settlements and business. California courts also require attempted negotiation by the lawyers in mediation before litigation for some cases, such as child support and personal injury cases. Though, most cases and businesses do not go through with litigation; rather their lawyers negotiate in resolving the matter in a cost-effective manner.

Contract Negotiation

At the heart of any business relationship or other business endeavor, are expertly written contracts by a top civil attorney. However, prior to drafting a contract, negotiation by a seasoned attorney can keep you ahead of the curve. Our lawyers know how to influence negotiations in order for you to gain the most while giving the other party wins that don’t have substantive impact on you.

Civil Attorneys with Expertise in Negotiation

A lawyer from LibertyBell Law Group can explain the process of negotiation in mediation and assist you in understanding and analyzing the facts during the negotiation process. Our attorneys are extremely attentive to details and know how to draw out what the other party’s issues, facts, and knowledge are on the matter at hand.

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