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Mediation is a neutral legal process facilitated by a mediator in reaching an agreement. The facilitator or mediator is impartial to both sides. Mediation may be proposed by either party, but parties are not required to participate unless it is court ordered. Most disputes benefit from mediation by a civil lawyer who knows how to resolve disputes effectively but also understands the long-term effects if litigation were to occur later or in conjunction.

Steps to effectively prepare for mediation:

  • Write a brief of what happened
  • Identify the issues being disputed
  • Know your wants and needs

When both parties feel very strongly and conflict ensues, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. Mediation and litigation often occur together in California. However, even in these instances, mediation can still be beneficial to both parties by agreeing on parts of a case to keep the high costs of litigation down, minimizing stress and moving the case forward. The best attorneys know how to maneuver and navigate these complex cases and keep focused on the best end result for you.

The goal of mediation is for both parties to agree on a settlement, faster and with much lower costs, ending in greater client satisfaction.

Mediation and Litigation by Attorneys

Some statutes require mediation or some form of alternate dispute resolution (ADR) before litigation in some cases. Courts require all child custody cases to go to mediation first to resolve a dispute and if the parents can’t agree the judge will order litigation.

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