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Arbitration is used to resolve disputes between parties by a neutral third party. An arbitrator, or neutral, can be a lawyer, retired judge, or trained arbitrator. However, if case your case is not resolved successfully by arbitration it is best to have the foresight of someone with legal expertise, such as a lawyer or retired judge, to be the arbitrator. In judicial arbitration, only a lawyer or retired judge can arbitrate. Lawyers from LibertyBell have worked in arbitration on numerous cases in an extensive range of industries giving them perception, insight, and experience.

Types of Arbitration

An arbitration clause can either make arbitration voluntary or mandatory. Our attorneys know by experience that if a dispute has begun the likelihood of voluntary arbitration is much less likely. LibertyBell Law Group’s lawyers review the subject and nature of the contract to conclude whether or not a mandatory arbitration clause is in your best interest. Our lawyers know that arbitration can at times exceed the cost of litigation, especially if a specialized arbitrator is necessary because of the industry or scope of the contract.

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